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The Marino Campus of Fort Lauderdale

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Partnership Like No Other
At the start of 2015 the most exciting component of ZiNG was launched, as we kicked off our relationship with
The Marino Campus.

Through Diversity, Strength! Through Knowledge, Independence!

The Marino Campus is an exciting post-secondary educational opportunity for young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Marino Campus offers students all of the academic and social opportunities that make college a unique, life-changing experience.

Since January, the ZiNG Sock Club Team, has been volunteering at the Campus for a class called the Business Club. The true goal of this relationship was to give back to the community in a unique way while providing the students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of operating a business.

Once everyone had a good understanding of the business the next step was for the students to become hands on with operations. As of May 2015, the students have started to design the next round of socks, which will be part of our Holiday 2015 Collection and each pair will feature a background story crafted by the students!